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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rocket Sled to Nowheresville

I was all set to write a post yesterday the minute I caught the reports of Fearless Leader' "1960's hippies caused 9/11" speech. Then technical difficulties struck. And now I'm too far behind the curve to get all worked up about how the neo-fascists are still pathologically obsessed with Vietnam, Richard Nixon's lawbreaking, and chickenshit Haight-Ashbury types. Sure, it's every bit as frightening and insane as it was yesterday. Yes, the implication is that tens of thousands have been killed because wingers want to avenge a perceived humiliation from thirty years ago.

But instead of beating my head against that particular wall, I thought I'd highlight some of the wit and wisdom of those enlightened souls who understand the maxim "hegemony means never having to say you were wrong."

From the "they're still willing to admit that?" site Blogs for Bush:

It is said - endlessly - on the left that "Bush Lied, People Died!". [sic] Of course, those of us who live in the real world understand that in President Bush we have a nearly uniquely honest President - so honest that it has cost him dear in terms of political power and support.

In the real world, he's the most scrupulously honest political figure in American history.

From the inappropriately titled Macsmind, which should probably be called Macsparanoiddelusion:

Democrats - especially progressives hate facts [sic], but the fact of the matter is that a fact doesn’t need belief to be a fact. Speaking of facts - remember that the spread of Communism [sic] was irrefutably abated by the involvement of America in Vietnam. It did however spread [sic] to Asia after our withdrawl. [sic] In fact it’s [sic] widespread in Asia, or does Marshall really know that Asia isn’t just a defunked [sic] rock group. Of course the left will never cop to the fact that they bear the burden and political consequence of Vietnam, but the fact remains that history needs no verification.

Aside from the fact that this is literally incoherent ("history needs no verification"?!? ).... okay, it's just incoherent.

Instead of Liberty Pundit (which admittedly has a pitiful charm) maybe the site should be called 'Smarmy Nimrod.'

Why don’t we consider what would have happened if we hadn’t gone into Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11. [sic] Don’t you think that quite a few radical Islamists [sic] would have joined the jihaad [sic] after seeing us attacked and doing nothing about it? After all, bin Laden hit us numerous times before that, and we did nothing…yet his organization grew, didn’t it? Why do you think that is? Hmm?

I have yet to hear anyone argue that invading Afghanistan was a terrible mistake, but there are those of us who've noticed that we're completely pissing away the headway we actually made there. Oh, and six years after 9/11, you might have noticed that-- Hmmmmmm?-- the one thing we've completely failed to do is un-grow that organization thousands of lives and half a trillion dollars after taking swift and decisive action in a totally unrelated country.

Yet another reactionary blog I've never heard of reminds us that no matter what this administration fails to accomplish, it's always a good time to write earnest (and absolutely, definitely not gay) posts about a man's penis.

Remember last year when former President Bill Clinton, the most famous liar in all of human history, indignantly wagged his finger at Chris Wallace and claimed he did everything he could to kill Osama bin Laden? Well, as I said at the time, Bill Clinton wagging his finger is a tell that he's lying - you can bank on it - and Mike Issikoff has caught Clinton with his pants down once again (so to speak).

'Everything I need to know about foreign policy I learned watching the World Series of Poker.' Shrewd. Insightful. Retarded.