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Friday, August 17, 2007

Disgraced Campaign Aide Watch?

Frankly, I think the piece in an Austin newspaper mocking Bush for dressing like Walker, Texas Ranger while visiting the Barbie Ranch is funnier than stories of campaign staffer's gone wild.* But now that we're up to three(?) high-level campaign staffers stepping down because of legal trouble, I'd say it's a "notable trend."

Kristian Forland, the [Bill Richardson] campaign's eastern Nevada field director, is being sought by Los Angeles County authorities for failure to appear on four counts of writing bad checks. Forland also was arrested twice, once last year and again last month, in his home of Elko, Nev., on a similar bad check charge out of Las Vegas.

In both arrests, Forland posted bail and was released. It's not clear from court records if the case was resolved.

*Not so funny was the speed and efficiency with which White House Spokesmonkey Dana Perino made a statement to the effect that the president was offended. Does this mean that Condi Rice would've snapped into action right away if she'd been spotted buying pumps at Pay Less in the wake of Katrina?