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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fox News comedy show dies of exposure. To the public.

I remember the entertaining days when the show had just been announced. Liberal bloggers gleefully anticipated what would undoubtedly be towering ineptitude. Reactionary bloggers gleefully anticipated a show that would finally demonstrate the comedic chops of right-wing ideologues and finally lay to rest the notion that political extremism, racism, and homophobia generally might not be the most fertile soil for brilliant satire. As for the show, its fate was sealed the moment someone had the idea. "Does this look like the Daily Show but incorporate right-wing politics into every line?" Amazingly, that turned out to be a less helpful guideline than "Is any of this funny?"

The only question was whether it would be merely awful-- in which case wingers would convince themselves that it was actually brilliant-- or so stupefyingly moronic that even the most dyed-in-the-wool righties shuddered at the thought of sitting through an episode.

Fortunately, it was the latter. So we're at least spared the "victim of liberal Hollywood" narrative.