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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Right-wing hacks crash Special Olympics ceremony! Steal medals!

There are a lot of things that really piss me off. Which is one reason I started blogging in the first place-- most of the things these days are centered around the GOP-led, fundamentalist-approved, corporate-funded attempt to turn America into a feudal state. Not to mention the pitiful ramblings of their online, on-air, and in-print enablers, obediently playing outraged patriot in hopes of a pat on the head and some table scraps. Or for a lucky few, monstrous salaries and a devoted following of "please tell me what to think" idiots.

See? You can tell I'm pretty upset this time. And what's done it? The continuing effort by right-wing shills to talk about how different the scene would've been at Virginia Tech had a couple of pot-bellied BushCo lapdogs been on hand to give a lunatic-on-a-murder-spree what for. It's beyond repellent to begin with-- and definitely beyond so-stupefying-it's-hilarious. But, while these over-the-hill toadies for hire are looking in the mirror and thinking that-- if you squint a little bit-- you've got a real Charles Bronson thing going on, they are, once again, completely full of shit.

Of all the arrogant ignorance displayed in the past couple of days regarding the Blacksburg Massacre, nothing trumps what John Derbyshire and Nathaniel Blake had to say Tuesday about the alleged passivity and cowardice of students at Virginia Tech. As numerous commenters pointed out, it's easy to pin medals on yourself from the comfort of your parents' basement. Today, we've got more of the same from Mark Steyn at NRO. . .

As reported in the The New York Times (and noted in jhritz's Diary), one of those was Engineering Professor Liviu Librescu, an Israeli Holocaust survivor, who blocked Cho Seung-Hui from entering the room, urging students to escape. Many did. He was murdered on the spot.

Caroline Merrey is one of the students who jumped. ...

In the flurry of students dialing 911 on cell phones, taking cover on the floor and twisting open second story windows to escape, Merrey, 22, glanced over her shoulder before jumping.

"I just remember looking back and seeing him at the door," the Virginia Tech senior recalled of her professor. "I don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for him." ...

"It wouldn’t amaze me he would do such a thing," fellow engineering professor Muhammad Hajj said. "He’s that kind of person, willing to take care of others, protect others."

Astounding, isn't it? While those gutless turds argue about how glorious it is to send others off to die in the sand, and write preening articles about how much more heroic they would've been, their contempt is aimed at a man who survived the Holocaust, devoted his life to teaching young Americans, then gave his life to help a handful of them continue theirs. Any one of those things shows more humanity, strength, and bravery than you'll ever see from the peddlers of authoritarianism. But they're too busy jerking off to war footage to notice.