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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Earth to John McCain.... do you read us?

This is to be expected of the incompetent lapdog Condoleezza Rice, but it's a pity to see John McCain take up permanent residence in Bizarroworld (I hear his estate is right next to Joe Lieberman's). Particularly after McCain's embarrassing "casual stroll" through the Green Zone and the latest tragic sign that things aren't going too well there: the bomb that detonated in the Baghdad parliamentary building. What do the feckless Rice and ol' Dopey Joe have to say about this critical security failure? Yep. Not just White House talking points, but White House talking points from several years ago.

Question: Madam Secretary, Senator McCain ... do you have any reaction on the Green Zone bombing?

Rice: John, do you want to shake hands for them first?

McCain: Sure. Oh, sure.

Question: Any reaction on the Green Zone bombing?

Rice: Well, we're still trying to get the facts ... It's obviously, again, the terrorists and those who wish to stop the Iraqi people from having a future that would be based on democracy and stability. And I noted that this is the parliament building and that, in a sense, this is an attempt to make an attack on the institution itself. But it's obviously a time -- we've said there are going to be good days and bad days concerning the security plan. But the commanders are carrying out their responsibilities and working to try to make the population more secure. We're really at the beginning of this, not at the end of it. But there will be good days and bad days.

Question: Well, what does it say about security overall in Iraq, and the surge and how that is looking?

Rice: We've known that there is a security problem in Baghdad, which is why the president has structured a new strategy and why Gen. Petraeus and his commanders are carrying it out. But this is still early in the process, and I don't think anybody expected that there would not be counterefforts by terrorists to undermine the security progress that we're trying to make.

McCain: Hang on a second. We're just getting the third of the five brigades over to Baghdad. This is early in the strategy being implemented. I fully expect the enemy to try to orchestrate more spectacular attacks such as rocketing the Green Zone and other acts which would understandably grab the attention and the headlines in the United States of America because they realize that if they can erode the American public's will, then they will be able to achieve success.