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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yesterday was slow, but today there were all kinds of stories I wanted to touch on-- McCain gets even more InSane (and is lying/incompetent about his health), the "seen it all before in its baffling stupidity, dishonesty, and near-insanity" campaign against Nancy Pelosi, with the MSM dutifully gobbling up the spin-nuggets right off the RNC grill. Of course, it's much easier than actually producing journalism, and who knows?-- if Katie Couric's Stepfordian reportage and bland inoffensiveness are the new criteria for America's top anchor, it's hard to blame them.

In other news, Don Imus did stuff, and it was bad, and his producers slapped him on the wrist while MSNBC feigned shock and profound sorrow but decided the money was pretty good, and neo-fascists everywhere showed the incisiveness and acumen that have given them control of the GOP. By attacking Al Sharpton.

Oh, and Michelle Malkin is fighting for the future of the America the way any red-blooded patriot would-- by spitting loogies on laundry soap. But it's evil, Stalinist soap that wants to destroy America!