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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Day in Stupidity (Condensed)

There's always too much of this stuff for one lone blogger to handle, but here are some low points...

The MSM has run amok with stories of John Edwards' haircuts, much as they did with Bill Clinton's haircuts. It's pretty obvious to anyone with a three-digit IQ that looking good is really important in politics these days-- and when you're on the campaign trail, it's both more important and harder to accomplish. None of which explains why this story never caught on:

A few years ago, I wrote this story about George W. Bush's presidential campaign, which was apparently (and illegally) using money Bush had raised for his gubernatorial races in Texas to finance parts of his 2000 run for the White House. Among other interesting things, Texas campaign finance records showed that the governor's campaign committee had paid $275 to Glenda Facemire, the head make-up artist for the TV show Austin City Limits. When I called her in 2003, she told me she made up both George and Laura throughout the 2000 campaign.

Oh, right. It's because they were all talking about Al Gore's wardrobe. In other shameful news...

Condi Rice does the Sunday shows to bolster case for "lying and incompetent."

American Conservative magazine is informed that their review of Barack Obama's book is full of lies-- and publishes it anyway.

Tony Snow returns to his job with the White House. And bolsters case for "lying and incompetent" right away. "[T]here's been no attempt to try to link Saddam to Sept. 11."

Dana Perino, who took care of the egregious lying during Snow's absence, capped things off with yet another completely false "it's Clinton's fault" moment.

Fearless Leader? Well, he's still the reliably idiotic punchline we know and lo.... well, we know him: "I'm absolutely convinced the Japanese people will be better off when they eat American beef."

Here's a thought-- maybe the First Imbeciles could just wear His 'n Hers t-shirts in public.
For Laura, a classic "I'm With Stupid." And for King George, "I'm with Stepford."

President George "Got a Condo Made-a Stone-a" Bush