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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Common Touch

You'd be as hard-pressed to find a progressive blog that didn't mention a certain WSJ editorial today as you'd be trying to find one that didn't use quotation marks to describe who "wrote" the piece. I'm honestly not sure how much I can stand to write about the latest version of the only thing in this administration's playbook: trying to repackage massively unpopular, extremist policy as feel-good legislation for the everyman.

Of course, not every man can read the article, because in spite of the fact that it was ostensibly written to the American public on behalf of our elected leader, it's a subscription-only piece on the paper's notoriously right-wing editorial page.

Fortunately, I can sum it up pretty quickly: Now that six years of one-party rule have ended, we can finally put our differences aside and pass the legislation mandating more tax cuts for the rich and the destruction of social services that people everywhere are demanding. But if we aren't living in the land of milk and honey by 2008, it's because Democrats are the spawn of Satan.