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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spreading Christmas cheer... or at least the munchies.

I didn't see much coverage of this story in the US media, but you won't be surprised to learn that it got plenty of attention overseas. Like in, say, China for example.

Weeding through the value of the nation's cash crops, a study released today states that marijuana is the U.S.'s most valuable crop and promotes the drug's legalization and taxation. (. . .)

Contrasting government figures for traditional crops — like corn and wheat — against the study's projections for marijuana production, the report cites marijuana as the top cash crop in 12 states and among the top three cash crops in 30.

The study estimates that marijuana production, at a value of $35.8 billion, exceeds the combined value of corn ($23.3 billion) and wheat ($7.5 billion).

Keep in mind that the study was conducted by advocates of legalization. But it's still a funny story to keep in your Bush Years Scrapbook.

And on that note, I'm signing off for a long-awaited and much-anticipated vacation. Stay tuned, and Merry Christmas... if that's OK.

UPDATE: How did I miss this item? The creator of painfully unfunny comic strip/Fox News adjunct 'Mallard Fillmore' was arrested for drunk driving. The Onion takes a few potshots.