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Monday, December 18, 2006

In case the front pages weren't scary enough...

Great, nine stories to scare the hell out of me-- just in time for Christmas! Try to focus on number seven, is I guess all I can say. The site Foreign Policy takes a look at ten stories that were off the radar this year, and it ain't pretty. Although I consider myself something of a news junkie (surprise!), I was familiar with just four of these stories. Six, if I'm very charitable about it.

10. High-security US "ePassports" hacked
9. The Killer Bird Flu Cure
8. Russia and OPEC Dump the Dollar
7. Women Make Progress in Education, Leadership
6. Iran and Israel Hold Secret Talks
5. US Reconstruction Money Funds the Taliban
4. Russia Makes Billions Selling Arms in Latin America
3. Bush Uses Katrina to Inch Toward Martial Law
2. China's Loansharking in Africa
1. BushCo gives nuclear technology to India-- they pass it to Iran

At least 2006 is almost over, and I can reset the Horror Index to zero in a couple of weeks.