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Monday, December 18, 2006

Five years, and still waiting for BushCo's "protection"

Physicist Robert Parks hasn't had much in the way of positive feedback when it comes to science and the Bush administration. But he tends to say it in a more straightforward manner than I usually do.

The response of the Bush Administration to 9/11 included Project BioShield at $5.6 billion. Nearly $1B went to VaxGen to produce 75 million doses of anthrax vaccine by 2006, even though VaxGen had just failed to produce an AIDS vaccine for which it got millions from NIH. VaxGen now says maybe 2009. On Monday, HHS decides whether to terminate VacGen or give them an infusion of cash. I would bet on the cash.

I guess the last five years of Republican fear-mongering have been more of a protection racket. "Keep us in office and let us spend whatever we want... 'cuz it'd sure be a shame if something happened to your family."