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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fox still aggressively biased

Although I'm way behind the curve getting to this story (which I actually heard at about 7:30 this morning), at least you'll be spared yet another play on 'fair and balanced' or 'we report, you decide.' I'm sure they've all been done over the course of the day. And since this sort of thing has happened before, they were probably all repeats, anyway.

To the best of my knowledge, though, it's the first time a Fox memo requesting biased reporting has come from a vice president-- or maybe it's just been too long since I watched Outfoxed.

There is some subtlety in the memo, which doesn't come right out and say "All right, troopers, let's get out there and skew the news!" But it's interesting that there's an implicit statement that Rumsfeld should be looking chipper in news footage, and this reminder: "Just because Dems won, the war on terror isnt' [sic] over." To me, this demonstrates Fox support for the GOP strategy of frightening voters into supporting them. But I'm biased.