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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BushCo contemplates end run on Bolton

This is one of those moments when you have to just shake your head and wonder how it is that the media pretty much ignores the stupefying extremism of the right-wing blogs/punditocracy (not to mention BushCo) in favor of taking potshots at progressives. But here it is-- having lost control of the Senate, they're looking to just write the chamber out of government. Sure it's totally antithetical to our form of government-- but it's just another day for the new American right.

As the New York Times reported last week, "In this situation, the usual next step would be for Mr. Bolton to withdraw from consideration and for Mr. Bush to nominate a less polarizing candidate ... But Mr. Bolton is keen to stay at the helm of the American team at the United Nations, administration officials say, and White House officials, including the legal adviser, Harriet Miers, have been looking into whether Mr. Bush can somehow bypass the Senate and save Mr. Bolton. Administration officials said that Vice President Dick Cheney is backing the exploration of such a move."

Today, Hugh Hewitt jumps on the bandwagon, writing, "If Ambassador Bolton is refused an up-or-down vote by the Senate, I will join [Pajamas Media blogger Claudia Rosett] in the necessary fund-raising drive to collect and donate his salary to him."

The trick here is that, were Bolton given another recess appointment, he couldn't draw a salary. But it's nice to see the return of the "up-or-down vote" strategem. Why, that hasn't turned up since Harriet Miers was.... Oh. Never mind. I have to applaud Hewitt, though, for portraying an attempt to subvert democracy as an attempt to uphold it. This brand of demagoguery is sure going to linger, but it's good to see that the neo-fascist playbook isn't changing in the face of defeat.