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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cable hosts air bogus attack ad-- without corrrecting it.

Hillary Clinton is unlikely to lose her bid for the senate this year, but her Republican opponent is still using the official party strategy of trying to link her to terorrism. The ad claims that "Senator Hillary Clinton opposes the Patriot Act and the NSA program that helped stop another 9/11," when in fact she voted for the Patriot Act. I won't even bother with the fanciful claim that some massive plot was foiled because of illegal wiretapping. But in spite of the ad's false claim, several cable news hosts aired that portion of the ad without pointing out its inaccuracy. Keith Olbermann, on the other hand, set the record straight, which many consider to be the actual job of people in the news industry.

As a bonus, the Daily Howler article also comments on a stupefying online New Republic article in which the author professes her love for the comedic stylings of Ann Coutler. It's as illogical and idiotic as you'd think.