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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Senator Allen-- not just for racists anymore

After George Allen's comments addressing an American of Indian descent as 'Mr. Macaca' caused a huge uproar in the conservative community, the campaign tested a few unconvincing explanations that didn't hold water given the appellation's similarity to a derogatory French term for black North Africans-- and the fact that the French-speaking Allen's mother is from French Tunisia. Earlier today Allen offered a classic non-apology, saying "I'm sorry if he was offended."

But The American Prospect has another story about Allen that's as common in today's Republican party as racism, if not more so: shady business dealings that are drawing the attention of the law. From a summary of the article published on the site's blog:

In the 1990s, [Allen] served on the board of a Virginia tech firm called Xybernaut Corp. Xybernaut manufactured and marketed a product as sci-fi-like -- and dubious -- as the company’s name: a wearable hands-free computer headset, with a little screen that flips down in front of one eye. The product barely ever sold, and the company's rise in the go-go '90s was fueled by seedy financial backers and offshore front groups -- all while Allen served on the board. Xybernaut is currently embroiled in an array of class-action lawsuits and an SEC investigation.