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Monday, July 10, 2006

North Korea? Clinton's fault, of course.

Somebody put the word out this weekend, because it's quickly become the right-wing talking point du jour. It isn't new for the Republican party (reminder: they've been in total control of government for six years now) to blame the Clinton administration for whatever goes wrong-- the deficit, 9/11, gas prices, Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program-- and blaming North Korea's nuclear capability on Clinton isn't new, either. The problem is that none of the accusations are true. Or maybe the problem is that GOP true believers are still willing to accept the lies instead of laughing these idiots out of office. After all, there's something inherently silly about the self-styled party of ideas and leadership insisting endlessly that they haven't been able to "fix" anything in the last six years.

Facing increasing criticism of their North Korea policy from the right and left, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow lashed out at the Clinton administration. Snow accused the Clinton administration of going to North Korea with “flowers and chocolates.” He said the Clinton strategy “failed” and President Bush had “learned from that mistake.”

As Snow observes, Bush's policy "is not a continuation of the Clinton program." As Think Progress observes, North Korea's nuclear ambitions have fluorished only under Bush I & II. So at least he got that right. Oh, and if I were Snow, I wouldn't go around reminding anyone of this administration's association with the phrase "flowers and chocolates." It didn't work out too well in Iraq.