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Monday, July 10, 2006

Hoekstra confirms admin's secret spying programs

Michigan Republican Rep. Peter Hoekstra made headlines over the weekend by stating his concern that there are even more domestic spying programs that Congress was not briefed on. Although he hasn't revealed details, Hoekstra has made it clear that he thinks there are concerns over the legality of the programs in addition to the White House's dodging of their duty to keep Congress informed.

"This is actually a case where the whistleblower process was working appropriately," said Hoekstra. "Some people within the intelligence community brought to my attention some programs that they believed we had not been briefed on."

"They were right," Hoekstra added. "We asked by code name what some of these programs, about some of these programs." (. . .)

Hoekstra added that he took the president's failure to inform Congress "seriously," and that it wasn't an "optional" responsibility.

"There are lots of programs going on in the intelligence community," said Hoekstra. "We can't be briefed on every little thing that they are doing, but in this case, there was at least one major, what I consider significant activity that we had not been briefed on that we have now been briefed on."