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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Compleat Plagiarist

TPM Muckraker has a summary of the passages from Ann Coulter's books and columns that are being scrutinized after claims of plagiarism broke in the New York Post-- a year after the allegations first surfaced online at The Rude Pundit and then Raw Story.

The company that syndicates the column seems to be taking the charges fairly seriously, although the publisher of her books, a subsidiary of Random House called Crown Forum, referred to the accusations as meritless, trivial, and irresponsible.

Which seems awfully strong, given the twenty-four examples cited at TPM. And the fact that Coulter hasn't denied the charges.

Reading over them, it's at least clear that Coulter is lazy, frequently lifting passages from other sources and just changing a word or two. Or keeping the borrowed passages brief, under twenty words or so. That fact was actually cited by Crown Forum as a reason that the word plagiarism was unwarranted.

It's not clear how seriously Universal Press Syndicate is taking the charges, but TPM notes in another post that they're expected to make an announcement in the coming week.