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Monday, June 26, 2006

For Daily Kos, more news (coverage) is bad news

From the page header ("Can Daily Kos Control Democrats?") on, this Newsweek piece on Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is more a professional hit than a profile. It stems directly from last week's dust-up with The New Republic, and the language is as intemperate as that of the TNR writers and David Brooks writing in the Times: berzerk, rock-thrower, paranoia, faddish, fever pitch, belligerence.

It all fits right in with the pigeonholing of bloggers as wild extremists, and to make the point, the author goes to no less a moderate voice of reason than Newt Gingrich(!), who as Speaker of the House helped usher in the age of reactionary Republicans and faced multiple ethics charges.

Democrats, especially presidential hopefuls, have taken a huge amount of grief from the press from Whitewater on, and now it looks like Democratic supporters are in for the same treatment. Good thing the current Republican leadership has proven to be so wise and benevolent, or this country could really be in trouble.

UPDATE: Eric Boehlert writes about a second Newsweek article, one in which right-wing talking head and blogger Hugh Hewitt is referred to as sanguine and center-right(!), which is pretty clearly undermined by Hewitt's efforts, also noted in the piece, on behalf of Rick Santorum.

Even the photos accompanying the articles are laughably biased. The Kos feature sports a picture of anti-war protesters confronting policemen, while the Hewitt piece shows the blogger confidently posed in suit and tie.