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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Director of Nat'l Intel behind Santorum's "discovery"?

Santorum's sorry attempt to make the news and become the hero of the GOP might be more problematic than simple stupidity. It's being reported that John Negroponte was in on the scam:

The newly declassified military intelligence report was released Wednesday by National Intelligence Director John Negroponte. Santorum and Hoekstra had urged him to release report this week during congressional debates on Iraq.

The senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee questioned the timing of the report's release. "What worries me is that the intelligence community — Ambassador Negroponte in particular — may be playing a partisan role in the 2006 election," California Rep. Jane Harman said.

As several bloggers have now noted, Santorum claimed to be exhibiting a classified document on (what else?) Fox News. Which would be illegal. If it had just been declassified, does that mean the White House was involved in pushing this story-- which they knew to be bogus? Imagine that, the Bushies selling phony intelligence as fact for political gain.