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Friday, June 23, 2006

After ejecting journalists, Gitmo reopens-- for Fox

Think Progress has really been at the top of their game this week. I'm impressed. In the wake of prisoner suicides, several journalists were flown back to the US from Gitmo, told that they no longer had clearance to be there. In what strikes me as something like asking your dorm's RA to "Uhmmmm, gimme five minutes before you come in," the prison has now opened its doors to Fox News, and guess what? Guantanamo Bay is a super-cool mega-awesome summer camp that any kid would love!

Why so great? In the words of the Fox reporter, because it's "gentle, almost child-like the way they treat the detainees."

Apparently the three suicides were killed with kindness. "All right, you asked for it Mahmoud! Let's see how you like.... the comfy chair!"