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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The latest sad media moment

Howard Kurtz has always been more of an apologist for the media than a critic. But his latest bit of pomposity is pretty creepy.

Yesterday in this post I noted that the Washington Post had literally reprinted from a GOP press release bashing Dems on Iraq. The paper said:

"GOP leaders took obvious pleasure in the Democrats' disarray, issuing a stream of press releases with headlines such as, "Democrats Divided On The Meaning Of Their Own Amendments.""

Dems weren't given a chance to respond to the release.

Today, Kurtz quoted my post from yesterday, noted its criticism of the Post's reproduction of the release, then asked:

"Um, is citing the propaganda that one side is putting out the same as embracing that propaganda?"

Um, is printing what you yourself call propaganda considered journalism? As a commenter points out, the paper wasn't "citing" propaganda, they were printing it as fact. While the author of the post, Greg Sargent, never claimed the Post was "embracing" propaganda, they're very clearly endorsing it.