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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hagel blasts GOP's catchphrase war policy

It's always a welcome sight-- the Republican senator from Nebraska has called for serious debate on Iraq policy after the slimefest that was last week's disgraceful show on the House floor.

This debate should transcend cynical attempts to turn public frustration with the war in Iraq into an electoral advantage. It should be taken more seriously than to simply retreat into focus-group tested buzz words and phrases like “cut and run,” catchy political slogans that debase the seriousness of war. War’s not a partisan issue, Mr. President. It should not be held hostage to political agendas. War should not be drug down into the political muck. America deserves better. Our men and women fighting and dying deserve better.

Unfortunately, the phrase "cut and run" is already a solid part of right-wing talk shows and blogging. They're losing the war, but darn it if they can't come up with snappy three-word appeals to the nationalism and bellicosity of the stupid. And as long as that keeps winning elections for them, why bother with leadership?