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Monday, April 24, 2006

CNN has Bush approval at 32%

Although most polls have had Bush floating around the mid-30s for quite a while now, the recent Fox poll and this CNN poll indicate that the preznit continues to lose ground.

Considering that this number is about as close as you can get to losing everyone who isn't a dyed-in-the-wool ideologue, it's more frightening than ever to note that, as Salon pointed out today (summing up an article in Time) the White House game plan is more of the same crap that's made them as despised as Nixon ever was.

Josh Bolten's plans for the White House don't have much to do with reaching across the aisle or reaching out to the American people. They're all about holding tight to Bush's base in the hopes of holding on to Congress come November. As Time explains, Bolten's five-point plan for refreshing the Bush White House mostly involves persuading conservatives that the president is still on their side -- and that they ought to be on his.

The plan: Seek more money for immigration enforcement, then pose for lots of pictures with new agents in uniforms. Put smiles on the faces of Wall Street pundits by pushing through extensions of tax cuts for stock dividends and capital gains. Talk more about the Medicare prescription drug benefit, the stock market and the economy generally. Talk more with the press. Talk tough with Iran.