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Monday, April 24, 2006

Josh Bolten: Spinmeister of the People.

Salon catches Newsweek still playing stenographer to the White House spin machine, and if Time's account is accurate it demonstrates a complete load of crap on the order of 'Bush is a regular guy.'

Newsweek got the talking points: "No matter how powerful he grew inside the Bush White House," the magazine says as it begins its report on Bolten's White House plans, "Josh Bolten always came off as just one of the guys, a smart, hardworking wonk who ducked publicity and rewarded his staff with a night at the bowling alley."

But it seems that somebody forgot to tell Time: "At the George W. Bush campaign headquarters in Austin, Texas, in 1999, policy director Josh Bolten was a low-key Washingtonian in a building full of brash Texans," the magazine says as it begins its report on Bolten's White House plans. "He assembled a best-and-brightest team with resumes bristling with brand names like his own -- Princeton, Stanford, Goldman Sachs. 'He used to brag that he had all these Supreme Court clerks from Harvard working for him,' recalled a campaign veteran."

Ahhhh, yes-- the era of the insufferable prick as regular Joe. I'll bet Karl Rove collects Precious Moments figurines, too.