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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

All the news that isn't

Let's see here. Fox personality Tony Snow is the new White House spokesmonkey, eliminating the pesky need for the administration to phone in the official talking points. Although Think Progress (among others) has pointed out his occasional harsh words for the president, Snow's right-wing kook credibility is still high. A report on the radio this morning claimed that he's a long-standing contributor to The Free Republic-- though his writings have now been wiped from the site. (You might recall that one of the Swiftboating masterminds was also a 'freeper,' and had a long record of writing their usual type of 'pinko Commie gay traitor liberal' fare.) Snow was also a speechwriter for Bush I.

Rumsfeld and Rice took a trip to Iraq, apparently in hopes that a new backdrop is the key to convincing people that things are going well there. It also allowed Rice to take a powder from Greece, where she was greeted with a massive anti-war protest.

The FDA's drug evaluation experts have come to the scientific and highly technical conclusion that the contraceptive known as Plan B "would lead adolescents to form sex-based cults."

Karl Rove is slated to meet with Patrick Fitzgerald today in the Plame leak case, lawyers in tow.