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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Infotainment? Pah!

For my second Salon video lift of the day, I'll turn to a Fox News affiliate offering a glowing media review of a Fox TV favorite: 24.

I know, stories about Rupert Murdoch's throbbing American media empire are pretty passe these days. But the clip is still highly recommended. And I can't help but stroke my invisible beard while watching it. Fox has just crossed an important psychological barrier by taking the wholesome 'American values' meme of Fox News with the 'lowest common denominator' battlecry of Fox TV and trying to turn them into a "unified [media] field theory." Comedians have been noting the obvious disparity between the two hands of Murdoch for a while now, but maybe we're about to enter a new age. That's why YOU should have the first crack at naming this new, hideous hybrid of somewhat-credible news, semi-plausible innuendo, vaguely-justified violence, and sweet, sweet boobies.

Allow me to get you started (I know you can do better) on the futuristic lingo of an impossible world in which news is one with titillation, entertainment, and comedy!

Crack Reporting (just the meaning will change)
Two Scoops (this will replace the term 'scoop')

See? I knew you could do better.