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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

DeLay pins hopes on 'only outlaws will have guns' scenario

We all kinda like guns, right? Even if you don't feel a burning desire to walk down the street with one hand gripping that rocket in your pocket, you've gotta love Humphrey Bogart growling "Hey, Canino!" as he opens fire in The Big Sleep. Or the excruciating silence in the final scene of Bonnie and Clyde as guns are cocked in anticipation of the two crimimals' demise. And don't even get me started on Westerns. Charles Bronson facing down three hired killers in the opening scenes of Once Upon A Time in the West? Amazing.

Oh. Right. I forgot about Charles Bronson's natural heir, D.C. badass Tom DeLay.

Rep. Tom DeLay is fighting to regain his concealed handgun permit after it was suspended because of his indictment on felony charges.

A justice of the peace suspended DeLay’s license in January after the former majority leader was indicted last year. A judge dismissed a conspiracy charge, but DeLay still faces a felony charge of money laundering.

Under state law, the Texas Department of Public Safety can suspend a handgun license if its holder has been charged with certain misdemeanors or higher.

Here's my prediction: DeLay's desperate attempt to look like a blow-dried toughguy will play out as exactly what it is-- a chickenshit politician still trying to use his influence to avoid the laws that the rest of us live with every day. All in the name of picking up some votes.

Sam Peckinpah would've taken care of him in the first act.