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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Utah House rejects creationism bill

And they do it by a large margin. This is good to see.

House lawmakers scuttled a bill that would have required public school students to be told that evolution is not empirically proven-- the latest setback for critics of evolution.

The bill's sponsor, Republican state Sen. Chris Buttars, had said it was time to rein in teachers who were teaching that man descended from apes and rattling the faith of students. The Senate earlier passed the measure 16-12.

But the bill failed in the House on a 28-46 vote Monday. The bill would have required teachers to tell students that evolution is not a fact and the state doesn't endorse the theory.

Buttars certainly isn't putting any intelligence into 'intelligent design.' Evolution doesn't claim that humans are descended from apes. Should a guy who'd flunk jr. high science really be passing state laws?