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Monday, February 27, 2006

Today in GOP corruption

It just keeps coming, don't it?

*Katherine Harris' hopes for reaching the US Senate (which weren't too hot to begin with) just took another turn for the worse. Looks like she was accepting donations in exchange for favors even before it was in fashion.

*Missouri's governor Matt Blunt-- also facing an uphill re-election battle-- has decided it's time to bring out the bug guns in pandering to the fundamentalist right by trying to ban the 'morning after pill'. Which would result in hundreds of thousands of unwanted pregnancies each year. Of course, after they're born, it's no concern of the fundies whether they live or die. (Thanks to Shallow Larynx, our man in Missouri.)

*Disgraced doughy guy Randall "Duke" Cunningham was a little more organized in how he took his bribes-- he actually composed a "bribe menu" detailing how much his intervention in the legislative process would cost potential beneficiaries. (Thanks to Mil Apodos, our man from everywhere... and nowhere.)

*Two more members of Ohio's Republican machine have been convicted due to their involvement in the Coingate scandal, bringing the total to five-- including the governor. That figure doesn't include non-politicos like Tom Noe, who was the guy spreading the cash around in return for government favors. (Thanks to OD1, our man in Ohio.)

*Army auditors flagged some $250 million in dubious charges by Halliburton in their no-bid contracting in Iraq. They've decided that the American taxpayer is going to fork it over anyway.

Ahhhh, another beautiful day in the republic.