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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to Fox 'n Friends

You know, it's kinda strange. Watching this clip from Salon, you'd almost think that the only way Bill O'Reilly manages to get a point across is by talking over his guests. Or selectively editing the dialogue. Thank goodness he never resorts to mindless flag-waving, or he'd be some sort of hack!

But that couldn't possibly be. The man's a seasoned combat veteran, and he's won a prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in broadcasting! And what about that hard-scrabble background of his?!?

Funny, but irritating. Just try to keep that fancy-schmancy, elitist latte from rising in your gorge when you hear him ask how Clinton's.... errr, I mean Cheney's recent personal indiscretion has any impact whatsoever on the American public, and why it's news at all. But let me put the question to you, gentle reader: given a choice, which executive branch shot in the face would you take? (Hint: One washes off, while the other guarantees an extensive hospital stay.)