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Sunday, December 18, 2005

White House praises group responsible for anti-Semitic articles

This post from Seeing the Forest points out the lengths to which the administration is going these days to shore up its faltering support. As you might expect, it isn't by changing domestic or foreign policy. No, it's by playing footsie with bigots.

The Heritage Foundation's sister site,, has lately been suggesting that it is actually a Jewish conspiracy (there's a new one for ya) to "remove Christ from Christmas." Now, the White House has been kicked around a bit for saying 'holidays' instead of Christmas in the White House Christmas card, calling its tree a 'holiday tree,' etc. But this administration isn't exactly headed up by Jewish folks or "secularists," right?

That didn't stop the White House from sending Condi Rice to honor the Heritage Foundation this week, where she said: The organization, the Heritage Foundation, is a true bedrock of our democratic principles, our freedom, our way of life and a vehicle by which free men and women can debate their future. Thank you very much for the great work of this organization.

Simply put, the adminstration is sending top officials to praise a right-wing think tank that uses its resources to print attacks on a religious minority. Yet another bullet for the Dems to use during the elections next year.