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Thursday, November 17, 2005

(Weeping) I just voted for Jesse Jackson!

This is just baffling to me. Mainly because I don't give a shit about the harsh realities of being a millionaire athlete.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson called the Philadelphia Eagles' punishment of Terrell Owens "much too severe." Jackson said in a statement released Friday that Owens could have been more professional when he publicly complained about his contract, his team and the Eagles' organization.

But Jackson said Owens' suspension without pay for four games and deactivation for the rest of the season is "much too severe for the charge" and hurts the athlete's NFL career at its height.

The article annoys me for another reason. Mainstream news sites are increasingly including useless hyperlinks in their stories that link to other pages on their own sites. More pageviews, more ad revenue, less information. On the other hand, it allowed me to make a twenty year-old Eddie Murphy reference, and for that I'm grateful.

One other thing-- Owens' other most vocal supporter is Ralph Nader. Shouldn't he be talking drug prices or something?