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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Michelle Malkin insanity watch

I like to check in with reactionary blogs to see how they're framing stories and how Fearless Leader's "thirty-five percent" is presenting, uhhh.... reality.

Some interesting tidbits from Michelle Malkin (a reliable clearing house of right-wing blog tidbits) include a new 'series of posts' insisting that in fact, Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs. He apparently just managed to hide them really, really well. From UN inspectors, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the US military. In a country that we've occupied for more than two years.

But continued attempts to justify the Iraq war are nothing new. To the best of my knowledge, Sean Hannity is still claiming that the phantom WMDs were all smuggled into Syria.

What really struck me about her site is a post from yesterday that cites Canada among countries with "rogue, corrupt and repressive regimes." Undoubtedly they deserve to be labeled "evil" because of their inexpensive pharmaceuticals and history of genocide.