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Friday, November 18, 2005

Rocking you back to the Stone Age!

Or bombing you back to the Rock Age. Something like that. OD1 passes on the week's second story of right-wing attempts to sneak some Vitamin GOP into the nation's youth culture. And spending several hundred thousand taxpayer dollars to do it.

In the group’s numerous school assembly appearances, frontman Bradlee Dean has covered most of the right-wing topics du jour. At one stop, for instance, Dean strongly defended the Second Amendment and said that “blaming Columbine on guns is like blaming spoons for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.”

Invoking another favorite target of conservatives – the “liberal” media and entertainment industry – Dean has repeatedly criticized them for supporting and promoting adultery, homosexuality, and abortion.

On religion, Dean has praised Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” and members of his entourage distributed religious literature at several stops. He has also told students that “there is nothing in our Constitution or founding documents about separation of church and state” and criticized the theory of evolution.

Speaking of science, in another appearance, Dean attacked Alcoholics Anonymous, stating that alcoholism is not a disease. He also comes armed with statistics: apparently pornography increased by a staggering 97 percent when Bill Clinton was President, according to Dean.

And perhaps most bizarrely, in at least one assembly, the boys and girls were divided into two groups for part of the performance. In the girls’ session a female staffer from the band told the girls that they “would get black spots” on their wedding dresses if they held hands with a boy and would be serving “leftovers" to their husbands if they lost their virginity before marrying a “God-fearing man.”

The good news is that young conservatives are woefully uncool, and even scornful of 'coolness.' And kids who can recognize cool from crappy aren't going to be taking cues in hipness from any rock band that tours high schools for a living. It doesn't get any more lame than that. Believe me, I saw my share of these retarded message-based dog and pony shows. Teens just aren't as gullible as the right would like to think.