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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bush: "We do not torture." Oh yes, we do.

"Staying the course" in a war that's been out of control for more than two years isn't a policy. Unfortunately, using torture and chemical weapons on civilians who already hate you is a policy. And the US is doing both.

Harsh interrogation techniques authorized by top officials of the CIA have led to questionable confessions and the death of a detainee since the techniques were first authorized in mid-March 2002, ABC News has been told by former and current intelligence officers and supervisors.

They say they are revealing specific details of the techniques, and their impact on confessions, because the public needs to know the direction their agency has chosen. All gave their accounts on the condition that their names and identities not be revealed. Portions of their accounts are corrobrated by public statements of former CIA officers and by reports recently published that cite a classified CIA Inspector General's report.

Other portions of their accounts echo the accounts of escaped prisoners from one CIA prison in Afghanistan.

"They would not let you rest, day or night. Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. Don't sleep. Don't lie on the floor," one prisoner said through a translator. The detainees were also forced to listen to rap artist Eminem's "Slim Shady" album. The music was so foreign to them it made them frantic, sources said.

It reminds me of Rumsfeld's memo that he stands for eight hours a day at work, so what's the big deal. He might think differently if he stood for eight hours naked and cold, while being doused with ice water, slapped around and listening to DRI at full blast for eight hours.