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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Abramoff crony Scanlon indicted, ready to squeal.

The investigation into disgraced uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff's dealings has been the stealth investigation of the last few years. While Plamegate and Tom DeLay's indictment have grabbed the headlines, Abramoff's own massive circle of corrupt pals has pretty much been limited to news junkies. That could be about to change, with the indictment of his business partner Michael Scanlon.

But Abramoff and Scanlon aren't likely to be the only ones who take a fall. The Justice Department filing charges that Scanlon did "knowingly conspire, confederate and agree with Lobbyist A [Abramoff]" to "corruptly offer and provide things of value, including money, meals, trips and entertainment to federal public officials in return for agreements to perform official acts benefitting Scanlon, Lobbyist A, and their clients."

Note the plural with respect to "federal public officials." One member of the House of Representatives, widely believed to be Robert Ney, an Ohio Republican, is specifically singled out in the filing, though only under the pseudonym "Representative #1." Ney is known to have attended the infamous golf trip to Scotland in 2002 that was paid for by Abramoff. But Abramoff's net spread very, very wide. As legislators prepare to split town for Thanksgiving, one wonders how many of them are going to have a happy holiday.