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Monday, October 31, 2005

We're number seventeen! Uhm, twenty-two! .... Ah, *cough* would you believe forty-four?

There's a simple explanation for this-- the sneaky liberal media is pretending to parrot GOP talking points so that they can use their whininess to get even more liberal! And hire even more commie reporters like Judith Miller, who's just biding her time by pretending to be a White House stooge and seducing innocent patriots like Scooter Libby into betraying fellow patriots like blah blah blah....

The annual worldwide press freedom index from Reporters Without Borders shows the United States, which is supposedly spreading freedom and liberty throughout the world, is in a fast decline regarding the freedom of its own press.

The report ranked the United States in 44th place, an atomic drop from a favorable position of 22nd held last year, and from a handsome 17th place in 2002.

The organization mentioned that several journalists were expelled from the country since the terrorist attacks of 2001.

South Korea, positioned at 34th place, is improving its image, partly because of open-source media OhmyNews. Any citizen in South Korea can be a reporter, thanks to its policy of posting submissions from people with all backgrounds.

This report makes me think that Ohmyblog might have been a good name for the site. Just wanted to give you one final flesh-crawling moment on my favorite holiday. And isn't an atomic drop a wrestling move? I knew that professional wrestling was big in Japan, but maybe it's a hit in Korea, too. Good to see that they're importing the best that Western culture has to offer. Boo!