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Friday, September 30, 2005

Blunt is the new DeLay

It might not be such a good idea for the oh-so corrupt and power-hungry Blunt to have taken over DeLay's spot. Now the spotlight is on him.

David Sirota has another nice rap sheet for Blunt misdeeds in the House. One example:

"Only hours after Rep. Roy Blunt was named to the House's third-highest leadership job" he tried "to quietly insert a provision benefiting Philip Morris USA into the 475-page bill creating a Department of Homeland Security...The new majority whip, who has close personal and political ties to the company... Blunt has received large campaign donations from Philip Morris, his son works for the company in Missouri and the House member has a close personal relationship with a Washington lobbyist for the firm." Blunt later married Philip Morris's lobbyist. – Washington Post, 6/11/03