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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Malkin vs. Malkin in the ultimate grudge match!

Posts like the one above take time and effort. I'm not willing to do that much work myself, but I'm never too lazy to pass it on. Funny stuff.

Now going back to you, Michelle. You recently had some harsh words in response to the rumors that the New York Times was looking into the adoption records of Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts. So you think someone's personal life is off-limits?

I think it's the journalistic equivalent of dumpster-diving, Steve. And I think there's no excuse for it. There's no defense for it and the New York Times should apologize for it.
The name's Greg, but I see your point. On the same subject, I'm going to pass this one to you Michelle. Michelle has taken a pretty firm stand against digging into personal records, but you recently printed Cindy Sheehan's divorce records on your own site. Where do you stand on that?
Like it or not, the dispute between Cindy Sheehan and some of her family members is news.

UPDATE: I had to check out her site for the obligatory rebuttal. There it was, and proudly playing the victim card. How dare liberals suggest that she was out of line in posting information about Cindy Sheehan's impending divorce! Naturally, this distorts what has us annoyed with her. While Michelle linked to the papers, she added this: "it will be interesting to see if Cindy Sheehan continues to insist that she and her husband "are on the same side of the fence" with respect to her anti-war activism."

In fact, there is nothing in the papers to suggest any political differences. It's just a ham-fisted attempt to steer the gullible to her preferred conclusion. And I suspect that many families have a difficult time adjusting to the loss of an adult son, just as soldiers have a hard time re-adjusting to civilian life-- higher divorce rates, instances of alcoholism, etc. War affects people in negative ways. Yet that isn't obvious to righties. Tragic.