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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Fine. Someone came up with a clever-yet-cliched laugh line before I did. I still think it's FABULOUS! In spite of that, none of the political cartoons in question are terribly funny, intention notwithstanding-- the mother of a deceased trooper criticizing the record-setting vacationer president? It's a comedic goldmine. So why ain't I laughin'?

UPDATE: I just caught the video of the administration all done up in white ( Video-WMP) and reminding us why things are going so well in Iraq. Even worse, the playahs are shown taking a 'casual' walk to the podium, which just happened to be standing in the sorghum fields.* Lucky for the pres they caught Fearless Leader checking out the crops.

Special thanks to an enigmatic reader who pointed out John Gibson's Rove-esque knack for politics. That is to say, he's not only a shameless propagandist, but (to paraphrase the Daily Show) the only other guy in politics to have flesh-colored hair.

*No sorghum was hurt in the posting of this posty post.