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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Go south, young protester!

Note to self-- if you ever want to get national coverage of your opponents looking really, really stupid, take it to the south. Yesterday was the shotgun-toting retard, and now we have a pickup running over crosses and flags:

A pickup truck tore through rows of white crosses last night near President Bush's ranch, where a woman has been protesting the Iraq war.

The crosses stretched along the road at the Crawford, Texas, camp, bore the names of fallen U-S soldiers. No one was hurt.

The right-wing pundits are still doing everything they can to conflate her with the dreaded Michael Moore-- although I can't find any instances of them even having met-- and the other knuckle-dragging mouth breathers who still support Fearless Leader are showing their true colors by menacing a lone woman. Call it "GOP tough."