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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

KY governor pardons nine cronies

Good-natured Kentucky governor Ernie Fletcher has decided to save the state a whole lot of time and money by ensuring that nine associates charged with ethics violations don't face trial. What a guy!

Calling the investigation into personnel practices in his administration a wasteful game of political gotcha, Gov. Ernie Fletcher tonight pardoned nine current and former officials who have been indicted along with anyone who “might … be charged.”

Although he has the authority to do so, Fletcher said he will not pardon himself. Consequently, Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s office could prosecute Fletcher if the special grand jury investigating his administration’s actions were to indict him.

Scheduled to appear tomorrow before the grand jury, Fletcher said he would not answer questions. (. . .)

The nine indicted were charged with misdemeanors that Fletcher portrayed as insignificant. Only one official, former transportation administrative service commissioner Dan Druen, has been indicted on more serious felony charges – two counts of witness tampering and 20 counts of evidence tampering.

“Greg Stumbo is wasting your tax dollars,” Fletcher said.

”I cannot allow state government to be consumed by this game of political gotcha,” he added.

Stumbo said in a written statement that Fletcher has “slammed the door on the public's right to know what wrongs his administration has committed.”

Now, now, I prefer to think that he spared the public the anguish of learning about the criminal acts of their government, which would cause psychological unease. Oh, and did I mention that he's a Republican?