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Monday, August 29, 2005

Call out the Louisiana National Guard! Oops....

It might have been highly unusual (HIGHLY unusual) for Fearless Leader to send thousands of National Guard troops to Iraq-- not to mention denying them medical benefits upon their return-- but it never seemed to register much with the public or the press. Until now:

JACKSON BARRACKS -- When members of the Louisiana National Guard left for Iraq in October, they took a lot equipment with them. Dozens of high water vehicles, humvees, refuelers and generators are now abroad, and in the event of a major natural disaster that, could be a problem.

"The National Guard needs that equipment back home to support the homeland security mission," said Lt. Colonel Pete Schneider with the LA National Guard. (. . .)

Members of the Houma-based 256th Infantry will be returning in October, but it could be much longer before the rest of thir equipment comes home.

Gee, now we lack necessary equipment in Iraq and at home. Chalk another one up to the administration...