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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jack Abramoff linked to Al Qaeda?

Seriously disturbing stuff. After working (with Tom DeLay) in Saipan to allow sweat shops to squelch labor and label their goods 'Made in America,' and after bilking Native American tribes out of millions of dollars, Abramoff teamed up again-- shortly after 9/11-- to help a Saudi oil magnate accused of funding terrorist organizations. Including Al Qaeda. The story is heavily-sourced and highly recommended.

According to the National Journal (Aug 31, 2002), the [Islamic bank] consortium was created after the attacks as President Bush began cracking down on terrorist financing. Abramoff's job was to spread the word about Islamic banking practices and to refute claims that Islamic banks sheltered money used for terrorist networks. And if anyone needed a good PR man, it was the chairman of the General Council for Islamic Banks, a Saudi businessman named Saleh Abdullah Kamel estimated to be worth in the neighborhood of $ 2.6 billion, who was quickly the subject of intense government scrutiny over his possible ties to terrorist activity.