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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It isn't looting, it's "found food."

Or "let the racism begin!" DailyKos has two photos of people wading through deep, deep water with some groceries. One photo is of a black man who just "looted" a grocery store. One is of a white couple who "found" items in a grocery store. The media coverage of this ain't gonna be pretty. There are two other pictures that show people leaving stores with bags of goodies. The young black woman is a "looter." The white man is "looking through his shopping bag."

Coverage of Katrina is going to be troubling in more ways than one. We're already seeing an inherently unsympathetic view of southern blacks, who are no less citizens than any of us.

I also just heard that there are sharks swimming in downtown New Orleans, possibly from a demolished Canal Street aquarium. Martial law was enacted yesterday, and all citizens have been ordered to leave the city. That order isn't likely to be rescinded for several weeks.