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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We have a nominee. Heaven help us.

Bush announced his choice for the Supreme Court. The snap-on hair is a big red flag in its own right, but the AP story also has this to say:

The blogs will be working overtime on the nominee, and I'll report the important stuff as I see it. Right-wing nutjob and Senator (for the time being) Rick Santorum-- the guy who gushingly talked about kissing and caressing his wife's stillborn son, and forcing the rest of his family to do the same-- called the choice "brilliant." Now, he's one of Bush's most compliant lapdogs, so he was going to say that no matter what. But the blogs will give this guy's record a thorough going-over.

One comment-- we can fully expect the right-wing (Fox, any GOP pundit/columnist/radio or TV host) to immediately begin to start declaring that the Democrats will have no right whatsoever to challenge this nomination (much less use that ol' Commie tactic of fillibustering, as seen in that Commie flick 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington')-- since he was already confirmed by the Senate in 2003. As were 95% of Bush's other nominees-- no matter how bat-shit crazy they are. But the Supreme Court is a whole different ball game. and judging from the positive statements from the far-right, they're pleased. Which means another voice for fascism on the SCOTUS for a few more decades.