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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Damn straight! Uhmm, that is to say, uh...

Let the self-pity fiesta begin! Spokane, WA, mayor James West was appalled at the indecency exhibited by the local media when they exposed his sex life. I mean, just because a guy is an outspoken homophobe and tireless foe of gay rights, some people think it's okay to point out that he's using his office computer to lure teenage boys into having sex with him? Shocking. Victimization wasn't working so well, so he tried that other right-wing classic-- being born again. Certain to be a crowd-pleaser at GOP rallies, but nobody else is too impressed.

What does the NYT house ethicist have to say to the likes of West? Tough noogies.

Your colleagues may ethically out an official only if that official's being gay is germane to his policy-making. A person who seeks elected office, voluntarily entering the public arena, does surrender some claims to privacy. (Financial disclosure comes to mind.) [Emphasis added]