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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The art of misdirection

AmericaBlog has a few tidbits about the issues of the day-- the Supreme Court and Rovegate. They're saying that the nomination of a new justice will be pushed up to... immediately. And the nominee will be surprisingly un-controversial. We hope.

But the net effect will be (they hope) to distract the press from doing their job and demanding accountability from the administration. It's always worked before, but given this unprecedented level of attention to the admin's dirty dealings, a fellah can still hope for the best.

UPDATE: Salon has more about the rumored nomination of one Edith Clement. It sounds like she won't be controversial-- because she hasn't done anything significant in her tenure as a judge. However, she's got all the hallmarks of this administration: a long history representing big business in courts, membership in the Federalist Society (the sort of 'conservative' organization with members like John Ashcroft and Antonin Scalia), and the backing of other wingnuts with a legal background.

My prediction? If nominated, she'll sail through and be a crappy judge a la Scalia and Thomas-- you know, pro states' rights until they're against them. "Strict constructionists" except when it's inconvenient.