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Thursday, July 21, 2005

"My party, right or wrong!" (Illustrated)

This cartoon was brought to my attention by Nancy Nurse. Yes, it's funny. But it also points out the tragic reality of the Republican party today. When Nixon turned out to be a crook, it was in large part due to the pressure of his own party that he stepped down. Even Barry Goldwater (who was pretty damn conservative) stood up against Nixon. That isn't going to happen today. Not with this crop of Republicans. Whether it's due to the militancy of the fundamentalist right, the ascendancy of blatantly partisan media, or the hundreds of millions poured into right-wing publishing and thinktanks, it's clear that toe the party line no matter how dishonest, un-American or dangerous. The lies leading to war, the security leak, the unprecedented deficits, the corporate moves to China and offshore tax shelters-- nothing is enough to make a Republican take a principled stand for the nation if it goes against ideology. That said, read this and weep: